Oceanbird's huge 80-meter sails reduce cargo shipping emissions by 90%

September 14, 2020
This concept ship, due to sail in 2024, can carry 7,000 cars across the Atlantic in 12 days. It's some 50% slower on average than a comparable diesel ship, but burns next to no fuel thanks to its five colossal wing sails, saving money and emissions.

Diamond planets could be born from carbon-rich worlds – just add water

September 13, 2020
Perhaps on other planets, diamonds are as common and boring as rocks. Astronomers suggest that some planets might actually be largely made of diamonds, and now a team has calculated how such a planet could form and how it would be structured.

CDC study suggests restaurants are high-risk COVID-19 infection hotspots

September 13, 2020
A new CDC study has found restaurant dining to be the most commonly shared activity amongst a number of adults with COVID-19. The CDC study suggests eating at a restaurant is an especially high-risk activity during this ongoing pandemic.

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